This weekend at ALTES FINANZAMT_Neukölln_Berlin

Saturday 20.02 - 20:00 - Biting Song, Sound Performance with Projecto Gentileza

Gentileza is a sound art project developed by Sara Pereira, Catarina Miranda & Guests.
It started in 2005 and mainly consists in a long term research, relating sound,visual, performance and speech.
During our meetings we often cook or dig holes in Berlin.

The members of Gentileza shared a recurrent dream during childhood, of a dark abstract place with a spinning shape in the center, massive and white or luminous and immaterial. This landscape suggested a deep low pain, sometimes sharp and acidic, invisible. There was a continuous distant milky sound that would eventually
become incisive and close.


Sunday 21.02 - 17:00 - Documentary Film selected by Dídio Pestana

Bab Sebta

Frederico Lobo and Pedro Pinho
Documentary, 110", OmeU

In Arabic Bab Sebta means "the door of Ceuta", the narrow passage between Morocco and Ceuta.

From all over Africa there is an invisible current of people prepared to cross continents in the pursuit of a better life. They face deserts, mafias, thirst and hunger until they arrive at a wall of barbed wire or face a tragic water crossing.

Bab Sebta is a film that goes against that current, from North to South, visiting four cities, talking with these modern heroic nomads that run against the abstraction that we call border.

"We do not cross borders, borders cross us."

schönstedtstraße 7
U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln

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