LAWINE_ June 27th to July 11th_Berlin

We are glad to colaborate with piso colective in this special event in Berlin!


>>> 27. June bis 1. July @ MATADOR *

Después de Usted - Ausstellung

Después de Usted is a collaborative project that emerges in order to create bonds between the various creative processes of two groups: LaTejedoraCCEC, Valencia and PISO, currently based in Berlin.
Despues de Usted is a bilateral project, which feeds the distance of these two groups to join in a proposal that will culminate in an exhibition project, located first in Valencia and now in Berlin.
This project emerges from the idea of exquisite corpse, where the work is developed under the dialogue between emissors and receivers. The exhibition is the result of a practical exercise, held from 11 descriptions proposed by the allies artists based in Berlin, of which 22 pieces have emerged, corresponding to both groups, Pisoand LaTejedoraCCEC.

Piso / Berlin:

Francisco Queimadela; Mariana Caló; Catarina Miranda ; Kute

Sara Pereira; Julia Gaisbacher ; Carolina Cordeiro; Pedro André;

Eirick Sördal ; Sonia Genoese; Sofia Lomba;

LaTejedora CCEC / Valencia:

Inés Parcero; Juanli Carrión; Lorenzo Sandoval;

Martha Pina; Mik Baro; Ester Torah; Sergio Luna

Noah Bermejo Tubal Perales; Giuliana Origgio

>>> 3. JULY bis 8. JULY @ General Public

Schönhauser Allee 167c


Ausstellung von PISO

Eröffnung am 3. Juli um 19 Uhr

Finissage am 8. Juli um 18 Uhr

>>> 4. JULY - Saturday @ TEMPELHOFER HAUS/

t2 - Tempelhofer Damm 2

18:00 - LE SOIRÉE - performances by the hosts

In the beginning we were seven and a kitchen table. No sofas. No hanged lights. Just one small lamp on the floor of the living room. Wood, plastic, glass. Small rituals before opening the door and climbing the stairs.
In the beginning we were this number. And a ladder from the neighbors with a

postcard. We were this many with a room for each. And I had feelings too.

>>> 9. JULY - Donnerstag @ West Germany

Skalitzer Straße 133

15:00 - Acepipe Bip Capum#1


18:00 - PORTUGUEZ SUAVE - Texts Book release



Alpioma - Laetitia Morais (audiovisual performance)

"Alpioma is a based experimental performance, that explores the concept of "distorted landscape". This visual landscape is manipulated and controlled by movement. The sound environments are equally affected by the antroponic actions and the naturalist landscape is being appropriated until the point that it gets intangible."


CALHAU! (live act)

show for twin tones of stoned rocks.


Nadadores de inverno (live act)

The Nadadores de Inverno (Winter Swimmers) have joined together and come up with the idea of creating and recreating songs, making them as plain as they possibly can.
Their line up might change from 2 to 5 members and they are performing now in Berlin with 3: voice, guitar and bass or drums or keyboards, depending on the numbers performed. Their music moves between pop and rock with a lot in-between.


João Alves (drawing)
Live drawing performance, in which the drawing is the result of an improvisation and interaction between a drafts man and a musician, the drawing is projected on the back of the action, interacting with the perception of the event.


>>> 10. JULY - Freitag @ West Germany

Skalitzer Straße 133

15:00 - Acepipe Bip Capum#2 // SANDWICH BOX



Midori Hirano (live act)

After graduating from university with a major in classic piano, midori hirano started creating music with the help of her computer. Her musical activities spread its wings throughout the world through remix and collaboration with fellow artists and creating music for European and Asian movies. She tries to make music which is like woven fabric of originality with its deep stoicism and uncompromised beauty.


El Fog (live act)

El fog is a solo project of Masayoshi Fujita who plays vibraphone, and electronics and analogue equipments. His has been influenced and inspired by electronic music, jazz, dub, hip hop, etc. El fog is originally from japan and now based in Berlin. His first album was released from Moteer (UK) in 2007, and 2nd album is due out in September 2009 from Flau label (JP). El fog went on UK tour with the Boats and Pan Am Scan in 2008. He also played in Club Transmediale 09 at Maria Am Ostbahnhof, Berlin. In this autumn, he is going on Japan tour.


DJ ZHAO (dj set)

An ambassador of boom connecting hyper-modern sounds from around the planet with their ancestral lineage. A dedicated riddimologist erasing arbitrary lines of division, fusing east and west, sacred and profane, past and future. Active as dj and sound curator since 2001, Zhao organized critically acclaimed long running sound-art series TONE_; founded and performed regularly at techno club PULSE"; and has shared the stage with artists such as Pan Sonic and Filastine. Founding member of Ngoma, Zhao currently alternates between production in the studio and performing around the world solo and with Ngoma Soundsystem.


HHY (live act)

HHY is the main alias for multi-specter instrumentalist and producer Jonathan Uliel Saldanha. His music is informed by Alchemy and Hermetic cosmologies, RA, Heavy Bass Pressure, Indian music, Calliope, Echo Chamber, Sonic Mayhem & Voodoo Downbeats. Under his own name or with other formations HHY shares projects and collaborations with musicians such: Raz Mesinai (Badawi), Mark Stewart, Dj Scotch Egg, Steve Mackay, Vincent Patternostro, Scott Nydegger and countless other artists from a wide lexicon of sonic context (Unlooped HipHop, Spectral Dub, Brass Band, Xamanic Improv, Chaos Rock...)
In 2009 a hand full of records are coming out: "Landform" by Fujako (Hip Hop/ Dub) on the mighty Wordsound label, a second volume of the psychedelic séance series "U.S.S." on Blossoming Noise later this year, and Besta Bode and HHY & The Macumbas on the Soopa label are just a few.

>>> 11. JULY - Samstag

11. JULY - Samstag @ TANZFABRIK-Möckernstr. 68 - 18:00
ANTOINE - performance von Ludger Lamers, Jorge Gonçalves
Antoine may be anyone, one of us, one that is absent, ... A prosaic figure without being enunciated as real or illusory, it’s transported to the space that this duet evokes.
The questions in Antoine are raised in the domain of movement perception strategies and in what they involve for sustaining the presence of body in presentation space.
Within a minimal, hypnotic and seductive approach, proposals are being formalized by the acting at surface. On this sense, we have the possibility of questioning the objective nature of situations that confronts or privileges the duet itself. Operating in an abstraction layer, story evidences can emerge but these only appear as a product of distraction, as fruit of dialogue between the two performers and their senses of humor.

choreography and performance: Ludger Lamers and Jorge Gonçalves
music: Henrique Fernandes
duration: 45 minutes
production: Ana Rocha / Mezzanine Associação
support: Teatro do Frio - pesquisa teatral do norte, Primeiro Andar – Associação Cultural,
Circolando, Audiência Zero, Bolos Quentes Design, Strange Loops e Soopa editora.



Skalitzer Straße 133


Balla Prop (live act)

in a universe between the spoken words and the covers, between the portuguese and the english we try to create a continuity and link, in which we could include something performative. Each concert it will be a new structuring experience.


(live act)

GHUNA X has been working for the past years an inner language between electronics and the deep sociological behaviours of his city - PORTO.
The effects of that are not limited to a general feeling, but carry strategies and methods of living/playing to better achieve this relation.


What (live act)

WHAT is the result of a mixing process, constructing and deconstructing different styles in order to create its own universe of experimentation. His music is defined by surreal contours inside the new fusions of broken electronic music and looping possibilities. He explores diverse forms of composition and processing synthesis, groovy beats and concrete sounds, using heavy basses and soundscapes within an ample sound spectrum. In his path, it brings elements from IDM, Funk, Break Beat, abstract and instrumental Hip Hop, Dub, 2 Step Garage and Acid, without a compromise with each style`s original place.


Miky Ry (dj set)

Miky Ry, began his music career in 1990 as Dj. His fascination with music sparked four years earlier when, for the first time, he listened to the futuristic sounds of Acid Chicago and techno from Detroit. He played in many different national and international locations and, and festivals. He pursued a constant research within the scene of techno Detroit and deep expermental electro.
In parallel with his djing activity, he studies Desktop Music Production. In 2002 he produces his first techno live set project called MY, with the collaboration of APE5 for the visuals.
Moreover, he collaborates with Neural and takes part to different sound projects: Sonic Genoma,Fugback (multimedia performance, in collaboration with Medium DYNE Lab, Wien, Austria). Miky Ry also produced sound timeline and soundtrack for video and art works: Tokio555, video by Ape5 for Design Festa, may 2005, Tokyo (Japan), Sento photo-digital installation of Roberto Ratti (Milan).
In 2003 he moves to Berlin and starts a new project, Narcotic Substrata, a mixture of techno Detroit and noisy electro. He played in different clubs in Berlin and Europe. At the moment he works in his studio in Berlin for the upcoming lp on his record label, Substrata.


Weitere Veranstaltungen

-5. JULI , 22:00 - Pickled feet - General Public

-8. Juli, 21:00 - Filipa César - General Public

- 8. ,9. und 10. Juli von 14:00 bis 17:00 - Workshop* zu den in Antoines Projekt erarbeiteten Bewegungstechniken. Leitung: Jorge Gonçalves - TANZFABRIK

* Implosive Spaces
On this workshop we will follow up the creative process of the piece Antoine. Establishing and constructing duet situations through an installation of minimum and contain forces, we will work on specific elements that involves body awareness and presence. With the ideas of duration and surface, we are going to focus on contact skills and sensory approaches to movement.

Inscription: 80 €
Payment by transference: Mezzanine/ Banco BPI/ 0010 0000 4297 743 0001 08
More info about the worshop:
Ana Rocha: +351 93 480 1295/