ALTES FINANZAMT_Feb 25 to 28_Neukölln_Berlin

Thursday 25.02 - Masayoshi Fujita, acoustic concert

Masayoshi Fujita, will be presenting for the first time to the public, an acoustic vibraphone solo concert, performing new compositions that he has been recently working on, for this very fresh project where he explores different musical territories from the ones in his other solo project, El Fog.

As El Fog, he combines vibraphone with live sampling/processing, loop machine and electronics. He has been influenced and inspired by electronic music, jazz, dub, hip hop, classic, etc... El Fog released his first album "Reverberate Slowly" from Moteer Records (UK) in 2007. His 2nd album "Rebuilding Vibes" was released in December 2009 from Flau label (JP),mixed down with AOKI takamasa and mastered by Stephan Betke (pole, scape).

Masayoshi Fujita is also a member of the experimental improvising band "Pan Am Scan", which are now recording their first full-length album.

Recently he is also collaborating with Jan Jelinek and their album is coming out in March 2010.

Doors open at 21:00
Concert starts approximately at 22:00

Entrance: 3 Eur


Saturday 27.02 - We Love Saturday Night

We Love Saturday Night, we love it because of the good music and the relaxed atmosphere and we love it, especially if the wine tastes good. We love the Saturday night, but we hate the discos, clubs, techno music and all the noise around it. We love Saturday night when the DJ puts some Classical music on!

Doors open at 22:00


Sunday 28.02 - Documentary Film #02, selected by Dídio Pestana

This week we will be showing two films from the project "Olhares Nómadas" from the filmmaker ?lex. This project intends to share the process of filmmaking, getting the subjects to be authors themselves, thereby creating a collective view of their own reality, from the inside.

No hia ma
Doc, 27 Min, Laos, OmeU

The Akha, originally from Mongolia, are an indigenous community in constant migration. Som Thone is a young Akha. When he was 22 years old he went to study in Vientianne, the capital of Laos. After finishing his studies he started working in the tourist office of Phongsally, the nearest city to his home village. We met there and decided to go on a journey to his native land together.

"Sometimes I'll be your guide, sometimes you'll be my guide" Som Thone

Nomad roots
Doc, 52 min. Thailand, OmeU

The biggest tourist attractions in the north of Thailand are the indigenous communities that two decades ago fled Burma because of the violence and extreme exploitation from the State Peace and Development Council.

These communities are now obliged to maintain their traditions, so tourists,coming for a 4 village, 2 water falls and 1 elephants view package, can take pictures and film. These communities live under an lethargic and imprisoned identity after the Thai government realised that it benefits from this kind of human zoo.

+ Cosy food by Chiara

Doors open at 18:00, projection will start shortly after

schönstedtstraße 7
U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln

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