Special Live act from the new project - Awe processing 

"Awe processing" is a project that consists of encounters where an instrument processes in real time another instrument, only through the means of improvisation. 
"Awe processing sitar" is the first rendezvous as such and defined the baselines for this project. Here, electronics processes a sitar in a voyage through a variety of states of mind, in a rather cinematographic experience, a sensorial journey where the unpredictable meets the traditional forms of expression of an Indian classical instrument. An erratic story (unconscious of the castrating notion of time) is to be told, made of a sequence of a wide variety of scenarios, constructed and deconstructed in an attempt to expand space and find new structures, soundscapes, rhythms, textures.

also, on the same night:
Presentation of the results from the Circuit Bending workshop monitored by Gijs Gieskes,
live act by Mario de Vega and Julian Bonequi,
dj set by Hedonic 2


Doors open at 21:00, concerts start at 21:30
Entry: 3 to 5 

Friday 14/04/10
shönstedtstraße 7
U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Access through the yard

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