ALTES FINANZAMT art space_Neukölln_Berlin

Since our collective spread between Porto and Berlin, our Berlin team has been step by step building their new home, establishing new alliances with local artists and collectives. Defining the path to produce and show their and others related projects, the colective and its alliances entered in an endless journey to find a space that could feed their wills . After all the physical injuries in breaking walls we can finally share the results


ALLTES FINANZAMT is a new space for visual and musical experiences
We invite you to the official opening next friday:


Pestana & Sandoval ( dj set )
Queimadela ( dj set )
Miky Ry ( dj set )

at 10 PM
Friday 5/2/10
schönstedtstraße 7
U-Bahn Rathaus Neukölln

stay tuned for upcoming events
(You may see the complete february programmation by clicking on the image above)

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