PISO & Graw Böckler // at Altes Finanzamt Berlin

Friday the 18th - Presentation of A.B.C.

PISO collective and Graw Böckler are presenting a remaking and re-installation of material produced and recorded out of 10 days of experimentation in a specific cultural Oporto context, C.C.O.P. (Circulo Católico dos Operários do Porto), last October, during Lawine Festival 09.

We've placed in dialogue some videowork, drawings, thoughts and experiences from this moment in Oporto. An in-and-outdoors evening to be enjoyed from 21:00 on, with soundscapes, film projection and Vokü in the backyard.

The Marvellous Tone members Pedro André and Sara Pereira will present a re-arrangement of sounds recorded during this project, transposing the perception of some Oporto cultural contexts into Altes Finanzamt backyard.

Doors open at 21:00
Free entry

Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstraße 7,access through the yard

U7, Rathaus Neukölln

TRANSMISSION REBOUND_28th May_Altes Finanzamt_Berlin

Organic beats and lowfrequencies for the soundsystem...
presented by dj's: 



began his music career in 1990 as a Dj. His fascination with music sparked four years earlier when, for the first time, he listened to the futuristic sounds of Acid Chicago and 
techno/electro from Detroit. He played in many different national and international locations and, and festivals. He pursued a constant research within the scene of techno Detroit and deep expermental electro. In parallel with his djing activity, he studies Desktop Music Production. In 2002 he produces his first techno live set project called MY, with the collaboration of Ape5 for the visuals. He also collaborates with Neural and takes part in different sound projects: Sonic Genoma,Fugback (multimedia 
performance, in collaboration with Medium DYNE Lab, Wien, Austria).
Miky Ry also produced sound timeline and soundtrack for video and art works. Since 2004 he is active in to the underground techno/electro scene of Berlin as dj/producer. Playing in different clubs and releasing fresh electro tunes with label as Joprec-Substrata-Mtone. In the 2008 he start Berlinbox a weekly radioshow for an american radiostation Party934.com 
and 102.5 fm New York. At the moment he work in his studio in Berlin for the upcoming lp on his record label.

(Mtone co-founder Pedro André)

What is the result of a pursuit for surreal abstract narratives into the beat culture.Traveling between soundscapes and dysfunctional beats and bleeps. Contaminating different styles with elements from Dub (echoes and bass) , Funk (electric grooves and synths) , Hip Hop chest-beats and a personal perversion. WHAT goes from colorful explosions to the darkness, from organic and concrete structures to futuristic technological errors. With a step on the history and other into the unknown.

Ienz aka I-RIDDIM

started approaching the Dj's world around 1995's. The scene of the Sound System is the initial reference point in his musical path. From that time he starts to play Dub,  
Reggae, Hip hop and digital Dub. Since then, he has been Djaying regularly in several clubs in Italy , and since 2009 in his new home, Berlin . In the german capital he also began new collaborations with local artists and co-producing the radioshow "Back on the Block" (weekly bass music radio show), for the american radiostation Party934.


Doors open at 22:30
Entry 3 altes

Supported by Marvellous Tone and Substracta